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Switch on the benefits of solar power

Financial. Lifestyle. Environmental.

Many people will know solar energy is a sustainable, zero-emission electricity source for life, but there are many other benefits to consider when making the switch. To help make it easier we have grouped them into financial, lifestyle, and environmental benefits. 

Save money

1.  Reduce or even eliminate your future power bills.
Based on the size of your solar system, your energy usage, and where you live, installing a Bradford solar panel system can help you significantly reduce your ongoing electricity bills.  A well-designed and properly installed home solar power system can deliver a considerable return on investment, often within 4 years, dependent on system size and usage. Get started and calculate your solar savings here.

2.  Minimise the impact of increasing energy costs.
Generating your own clean solar energy limits your exposure to inevitable electricity price increases.

3. Increase your home’s intrinsic value. 
A solar power system that generates free, clean energy can positively affect the re-sale value of your home.

4. Benefit from government rebates.
Households can take advantage of government incentives to reduce their system cost as long that their system is installed by Clean Energy Council-approved company like Bradford Energy.

5. Energy Efficiency
Sections of the building code measure a building’s energy efficiency and allocates a star rating. This rating impacts a building’s resale value and/ or future rental returns. The more stars a building has, the more energy efficient it is considered. 

6. Long Term Durability.
Once installed and working, solar panels require little maintenance, other than the annual cleaning down of panels and health check, working efficiently for years and decades to come.

Enhance your lifestyle

1. Improve your living environment.
By not having to compromise on heating or cooling your home due to high electricity costs, you can stay comfortable all year round.

2. Silence.
Solar panels have no moving parts and make no noise when operating – a silent producer of energy.

3.  Maintain a quality lifestyle.
Use all of your favourite conveniences – laptops, televisions, entertainment systems etc. – without worrying how much power you’re using or your impact on the environment. 

4. Enjoy smaller energy bills. 
Put your hard-earned dollars towards things you and your family enjoy – rather than on energy bills.

5. Back up power.
What’s powering your next blackout? Don’t be left in the dark – keep the lights on and enjoy solar power day and night. Home batteries can protect your home during a power outage, keeping your lights, Wi-Fi and refrigerator running

6. Control your energy from anywhere.
Enjoy connecting directly to your home’s energy. You can see, track and control your solar consumption, energy production, and energy use at any time during the day or night

Enjoy a clean energy future

1.  Reduce your carbon footprint.
Being a zero-emission electricity source, solar power is able to avoid one tonne of C02 for every 1MWh of solar power. 

2. Increase renewable energy self sufficiency.
A solar and home battery system can reduce your reliance on the grid by around 90% per year. Enjoy less reliance on carbon emitting electricity sources and more control of your household energy.

3. Contribute to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).
Help ensure that Australia achieves its short and longer term targets to increase the amount of electricity coming from renewable sources.

4. Limit the effects of climate change.
Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and efficient, helping secure a clean energy future for our children, and for future generations.

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